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Case Study: Hale School Annual

Print is often thought of merely as ‘ink on paper’ but when used creatively, it can be much more. Hale School pushed print to its limits with their school annual this year, adding embellishments and print processes which brought the publication to life.

In the summer of 2013/14, Hale School opened their new Olympic swimming pool, the biggest of its kind in Western Australia measuring 10 lanes wide and 2m deep. This pool represented a significant piece in the schools capital works program, and so it was decided quite early that the pool should be featured on the cover of the Cygnet school annual. Headmaster, Mr Stuart Meade, tasked the Cygnet committee with finding a way to commemorate this wonderful facility, and so the project began. Hale School engaged Scott Print early in the conversation as this vision for the cover unfolded, as they were keen to include any new print processes, materials and trends. The value of this pre-planning and getting Scotts involved early in the design process is evident in the final execution and finished product.

Hale School designer and photographer, Angelyne Wolfe, braved many chilly winter sunrises in the pursuit of capturing the morning mist rising off the water. With a clear design concept in mind, she persisted until the perfect light and conditions presented themselves. The final photograph is stunning, with strong lines and complex light contrasted against the softness of the mist on the water. The success of the Cygnet cover is in the execution of the design and high quality print finishes.

The image has been converted into a greyscale image and was printed in 4 colour process. This photo treatment gives the image an interesting dimension and warmth. With the use of a ‘Soft Touch laminate’ (a speciality of Scott Print), the cover became a sensory wonderland. The soft look and velvet feel of this laminate is contrasted against the spot gloss UV varnish over the bold ‘2014’ characters which were overlayed with a translucent cyan tone. With the gloss UV varnish, the numbers appear to be floating, juxtaposed against the crowning glory of this design – bronze foil for the school crest, the ‘Cygnet’ wording and the spine. The rhythms of this design are echoed through the pages of the 236 page publication.

Printed on Scott Print’s brand new HUV Komori presses, the colour and sharpness of the images would not look out of place in a high end photography publication. With vibrant greens, reds, purples and oranges never seen before in the Perth print market, this school annual has raised the bar for excellence in school publications. Clearly a stand out piece, this book will provide inspiration to other schools, designers and organisations.

This case study proves a great example of where working closely with your Scott Print representative from the beginning of your print project, can result in a truly stunning piece of print communication. Angelyne agrees, “The Hale School Cygnet is our biggest publication of the year. As a yearbook, it covers all aspects of the school and represents the boys’ year in review, capturing their moments and serves as a reminder in the years to come of their time at Hale.

It also serves as a record of the year’s achievements in both academic and co-curricular pursuits. A copy of the Cygnet is also sent to the State Library of Western Australia for public record.” “Preparation of the Cygnet is a year-long process, starting from the day the previous year’s books are handed out. The Hale School Community Relations department prides itself for its efficiency and innovation. Being at the forefront of design in education by striving to stay connected with the Design/Media/Print industry, we maintain a high standard without the need to outsource work.” “With the help of a student committee, the Publications team strive to outdo themselves each year.

This could not be achieved without the close working relationship with our Scott Print rep, Ben Brennan. He always offers creative ideas in printing and ways to incorporate new printing techniques.” “The spot gloss UV on soft touch laminate with bronze foil were three new techniques that took our publication to another level. The response to the ‘feel’ and ‘quality’ of the book was overwhelming.

The quality of the new presses was evident throughout the yearbook with vibrant colours on every page which was clearly better than previous years. It’s nice to know that all of our time and attention to post production of our images can be clearly portrayed in the print process.” “Overall, Hale School is extremely happy with the service that Ben and Scott Print provide. We have no problems recommending Scott Print to anyone. They go above and beyond to help us achieve an exceptional piece of print every time, without exception.”

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