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Web + Digital Design

In recent years we have extended our design offering to include not only print solutions but also digital. With advancements of technology and social media, our services have also grown accordingly to accommodate the changing needs of our clients. Our team of digital designers are well experienced in EDMs, web banners and digital campaigns across all social media platforms.

A large part of our digital design jobs consists of web design – creating custom built websites. WordPress is the global leader in Content Management Systems which is why it is our preferred application to manage and create websites. WordPress provides the end user with vast flexibility, having the ability to upgrade and edit your website anywhere.

We work very closely with our web developer to push the design boundaries and also keeping the user experience in mind.

User Experience (UX)

User experience is a very important element to any site. It is researching and understanding your target user, and it sets up a flow that gets the user easily and logically from point A to point B in the best possible way.

Research: Competitor analysis
A competitive analysis of selected competitor websites and social media.

User Interviews
One-on-one meetings with potential users either through video or in person.

Personas help us find the answer to one of their most important questions, “Who are we designing for?” By understanding the expectations, concerns and motivations of target users, it’s possible to design a website that will satisfy users’ needs and therefore be successful.

Information Architecture
An overall outline of the complete website. The Information Architecture is a tabled breakdown of key pages and their attributes. It shows every element on key page templates.

A basic wire-frame allows you to amend and refine the website structure in a fast and productive way.

User-flow Maps
A blueprint of key user scenarios. For example determining the paths of the user when looking for a particular product.

Drawing clear point to point customer journeys that show key choices to the multitude of paths.

The UX design is based on a smooth customer journey and aims to engage the user with a clean and robust site.



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