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Digital print is often perceived as offset printing’s poor cousin, traditionally giving an unwanted shiny result. However, this perceived weakness (when properly considered) can become a very interesting design tool.

No other print process allows you to create glossy contrasts on uncoated stock in such a cost effective manner. Where offset inks sit down deep into uncoated paper, digital toners will sit up proud on top of the paper surface. These days, digital printing can offer metallic inks, white inks and even clear varnish style finishes. When used well, the creative possibilities are endless. Here are some simple ways you can use digital print to your advantage:

BLACK ON BLACK – Consider digitally printing black toner on a black card – the result will rival the traditional and expensive black foil.

Black on Black

METALLIC SILVER AND GOLD INK – Include metallics on your variable data jobs, certificates, invitations and direct mail pieces. Until recently this has been a costly exercise, but now Scotts can provide a cost effective solution.

Gold Silver

PRINTING ON WOOD – The range of substrates you can print on is growing, and one of the most interesting new options is wood covered paper – perfect for invites, covers and business cards. Essentially the paper has a wood layer which shows off the natural wood grains.


USING CLEAR GLOSS VARNISH – Unlike offset printing, you can use  a spot varnish / clear gloss on both coated and uncoated papers when printing digitally. Plus you can personalise any job with clear gloss. Aside from these great techniques, digital also offers a fast solution best suited to short run printing with lower set up costs, personalisation and the ability to have different stocks more cost effectively throughout your project.

Clear Gloss

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