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Graphic Design in Perth


At Scotts, our in-house team of highly-skilled designers are led by our experienced studio manager, who ensures your graphic design project is produced to the highest standard from start to finish.

We’ve streamlined our creative and graphic design process in order to save you time and money. Our comprehensive system allows us to manage your entire account, so all you’ll need is one point of contact.

Our reputation for providing the highest quality print and design solutions is backed by 40 years of industry experience. Scotts’ design team are trusted by some of the state’s leading companies, giving you peace of mind that your next project will be delivered to the highest standards by the preferred graphic design company in Perth. 

Our professional and expert team can assist you with all your brand, creativepackaging and graphic design needs for your Perth business. From developing your company logo and creating a corporate identity to designing booksmagazines, ads and signage through our graphic design services, we’ll help your business portray its best image. We do this through professional, consistent branding across all of your marketing and communications collateral. 

By creating an all-inclusive strategy at our graphic design studio based in Perth, we take into account your goals, budget and industry requirements, providing a unique approach and a more personalised graphic design and print solution for your business. 


From corporate graphic design to start up logos and much more, let our graphic designers help your business be a success! Once our awesome team have exceeded your design expectations, we’ll also help you print them. Dealing with the one graphic design company from start to finish leaves you with nothing to stress about!


1. Champagne taste on beer budget
In terms of ‘champagne taste’, Scotts’ in-house team are highly qualified and come with years of graphic design experience in the agency realm, so we can guarantee you top quality creative, but within a ‘beer budget’. Even more, we offer lower rates when both design and print are produced with us!

2. Our solution is customised to suit you
Whether you have certain deadlines or objectives and budgets to meet, or prefer to work on retainer, we’ll make sure your projects happen the way you plan with no nasty surprises at the end. 

3. Balancing speed and perfection
With a studio manager who has a keen eye for detail and a team committed to perfection, we find a balance between making sure your deadlines are met, while still maintaining high-quality standards.

4. Our team is fab and we’re here for you
We offer you a highly available team, who are able to work flexible hours to ensure your deadlines are met. There’s a backup to your designer, a backup to that backup, right through to senior management who can be contacted at any time.

5. Experience matters
Partnering design and print in the same company is a massive advantage in terms of speed, cost, control and capabilities. With over 40 years combined of design experience, we’ve got the expertise to make your projects a great success. 

6. Come see for yourself
Scotts have a successful track record of servicing a variety of clients needing design solutions. Come and visit us today, we’re happy to share examples to showcase our high-quality work.


  1. What is your graphic design process?

    Every project is different – but generally we get a brief from you (what you need, how you want it, what your budget is and when you need it) and come back to you with a premium graphic design solution. This can involve scoping the project to get a quote, doing market research to see what you need and presenting different design options. We then work with our clients to deliver the end project whether it’s for print, online, press, outdoor or something different!

  2. What is the graphic design timeframe?

    Every project is different – our graphic design studio in Perth specialises in super quick turnarounds. Whether you need something turned around in a day right through to more thought out creative graphic design projects which can take days, weeks or months depending on its size and complexity, we have you covered. The main thing to remember is that we work with you to make sure your timeframes are met, so always let us know if you need something for a particular date.

  3. What are your payment terms, do you require a deposit?

    We generally work with getting a deposit upfront to start work and then on completion of the project.

  4. Do you offer printing too?

    Scotts back our creative with a state-of-the-art print solution. This full service is second to none and means we are able to offer high level creative, cost efficiently and very quickly. The added benefits of offering print are that we can really push the print boundaries and can manage your project with one point of contact.

  5. Can I have the design files, and can you put the design in a format I can edit?

    We’re happy to chat through how you need your graphic design project delivered – whether it is simply as a PDF print ready file, for use online or in editable format. All are possible.



At Scotts, we’re your first choice for graphic design in Perth. Let’s chat about how our team can help you. Call our Perth office to discuss your graphic design needs today on 9223 7788 or contact us here. Or, if you want more information on how we can help your business from starting up or refreshing your brand personality, click here!