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Large Format Printing


Large format printing is a transformative advertising solution. It can completely change the look of products and spaces, from a room, wall or car, right through to a surfboard!

As part of our full communications package, Scotts offer everything in one place, from design, through to print and installation. This means you have one Account Manager you can count on and contact throughout the whole process.

Large format printing has come a long way and now comes with a greater colour range, including metallic, whites and brights! By providing a print colour selection that is second to none, we’re helping all our clients across Perth stand out even more!

The affordable cost of large format printing and the result and speed at which it can be done means that this is a great creative solution that works well beyond advertising. It gives you scope to think outside the box, where you can use this format of printing for wallpaper, to cover a table or for exhibition displays. At Scotts, we’re always looking to push the boundaries of large format poster and banner printing in Perth.

From posters, pull-up banners, corflute and window decals, through to car wraps and wallpapers, we offer a full range of stock options, so you’re covered no matter what you need. With Scotts, the sky’s the limit!

Some ideas as to what you can do:

Here at Scotts, we will work closely with you – from the design process right through to the final result, ensuring you’re completely happy with the design before we begin printing. For all your business’ large format printing, signage, banners and posters in Perth, we’re here to help.

Speaking of help, check out some of our resources to help you get started:

This form of printing can have the biggest and most immediate impact. By printing your marketing materials properly, your large format printing won’t have to sacrifice quality. In just a few hours, you can change a dull wall into a bright stand-out piece or transform a plain vehicle into a driving extension of your brand.


1. From drab to fab 
Completely change the look of your room, wall or car with the help of our large format printing services.

2. Full service large format printing, all in one place
Providing everything you need, all in one convenient location. From online printing services, to branding and communication requirements, we’re your one-stop-printing-shop!

3. Metallics and whites
Offering an extensive range of colours, our large format printing now includes metallics, whites and brights, helping your projects stand out even more!

4. Affordable, quick and easy way to funk up anything
For an original, cost-efficient solution, Scotts large format printing works well beyond advertising. It can be used for a range of creative outlets including wallpaper, covering a table, or exhibition displays. We’re always looking to push the boundaries!

5. A huge range of substrates
From signage and poster printing, to pull-up banners and car decals, we offer a full range of stock options, so you’re covered no matter what you need.

6. Get your brand out there
Use large format printing to give your business a massive competitive advantage. The sky’s the limit!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is large format printing?

Large Format Printing or wide format printing is a printing process where ink is digitally sprayed onto a substrate. It is most commonly suited to large size projects or thicker substrates / 3D surfaces (like metal or wood). Think posters, pull-up banners, corflute, window decals, car wraps and wallpapers – we offer a full range of stock options, so you’re covered no matter what you need. With Scotts, the sky’s the limit!

How do I prepare images for large format printing?

We request your artwork to be supplied as a high-resolution print ready PDF and have an in-house design team to assist if you need assistance getting this sorted.

How much does large format printing cost?

As each project is custom created, there is no ‘standard pricing’. Get in contact and let us know your budget and we can work with you to make it happen.

What is the expected turnaround time for large format printing?

Depending on quantity, size and finishes, your project can be produced in as little as a few hours. Let our team know your deadlines and we’ll work with you to do what we can to make it happen!

Can you help me with design too?

Absolutely – we have an in-house design team able to assist. Check out our range of design services.


Let’s chat about how we can help make your brand stand out on a larger scale. Request a quote or call our Perth office today on 9223 7788.