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Offset printing has long been the ‘traditional’ form of printing, and it is an area that Scott Print has always invested in. It offers high quality, large print runs, perfect for catalogues, magazines and brochures. However, there has always been a need for those smaller quantity jobs that are required with much quicker turnaround times; and so the digital print realm began.

Always at the cutting edge of technology, Scott Print added the first digital press ten years ago. Since then the demand for digital has grown exponentially.

Digital printing has minimal set up costs as there is no need for plates or make readys. This makes it attractive for jobs that would otherwise be too small and costly to print utilising offset technology, which is more suited to larger quantities.

The technology has advanced considerably to the point where quality is now on par with offset printing. Not to mention the other benefits of digital such as personalisation.

With the ability to print these smaller quantities, the increase in quality of digital printing and also the need to produce items in quicker turnarounds, this form of printing is becoming increasingly popular. That is why we are continuing to expand our digital department.

Last year we made the significant investment to introduce the Xerox 1000 which allows printing on a large variety of different stocks with increased clarity and offers the clear gloss varnish. Due to continual growth, we have now purchased an additional machine to give increased capacity and redundancy. Consequently, we now have the largest digital colour capacity in Western Australia.

This will ensure that we can continue to produce this type of work within quick timeframes. It compliments our new digital finishing, which now means your job can now be completed in-house, giving an even faster turnaround.

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