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We all know what it is like when you are told of new printer machinery: it is easy to think it is no big deal and just another tool in making ‘ink on paper’ happen. This can be true, but sometimes it can have a big benefit to you – whether it offers new techniques, better quality or faster turnarounds.

In our continuing quest to offer you a full in-house solution, Scotts have recently invested in a notch binder. What does this mean for you? Well, there aren’t many printers that can do this in-house, which means when choosing Scotts:

  1. You save money;
  2. We control the quality;
  3. During busy periods we are committed to only making your jobs happen; and
  4. We can reduce your turnarounds even further which is particularly important during corporate reporting season.


Notch binding is an unsewn binding style where a notch shape is cut out of the spine of the book sections at even intervals during the folding operation, allowing adhesive to reach the centre pages of each section. This gives a square-back magazine finish, used mostly on books, reports and other large documents.

This coupled with the investment in HUV print technology (which means the printed sheets dry straight away), we can produce your corporate documents with much quicker turnarounds, and all in-house.

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