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Poster Printing & Design

Transform a space and make a statement

When you’ve got something to say and you need to promote it, poster printing is still a great way to advertise your product or service. Distributing posters into the Perth market is an economical way to get your message out and reach a wider audience.

Whether you’re after a small poster for safety or first aid instructions, or a large promotional poster to advertise your brand, our experts at Print can work with you to help you stand out from your competitors.

We can assist from small runs to large volumes of posters in Perth, and we can also produce an array of sizes on a large variety of paper options. Our three-step process ensures you get the right posters into the Perth market:

From start to finish, Let us handle your Poster Design

Prepare – Do you need a poster printed for your company, but need help creating an “eye-catching” design that will really get your message across? Our team of highly talented graphic designers can help you create an effective poster that will really grab your audience’s attention.

We can build your brand, from developing your logo and creating a corporate identity, right through to designing brochuresbooks, magazines, ads and signage. We’ll develop a strategy which considers your goals and budget. Our in-house design team includes highly skilled designers who are led by our experienced studio manager, who ensures your project is produced to the highest standards from start to finish for the most visually impactful posters in Perth.

Print – Once you’re completely happy with the final design of your posters, we can help you with the poster printing side of things for your Perth business. Our impressive printers can print small and large quantities, and we can deliver your posters to your workplace, providing you with the ultimate corporate customer experience.

Deliver – If you need help distributing your posters, just ask one of our team members for more information about how we can help.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does poster printing cost?

As each project is custom created, there is no ‘standard pricing’. Get in contact and let us know your budget and we can work with you to make it happen.

What size posters can I print?

Scotts can produce any size poster for you – so if you want to get creative, we’re here to help!

How many pixels should an image be for poster printing?

This really depends on the size and use of the poster – we recommend supplying your artwork at 300dpi to get the best results.

What material is used for poster printing?

This depends on what you are using your poster for – is the application indoor or outdoor? For temporary or permanent use? Does it need to be a stand-alone item (like on an easel) or will it get adhered to something? Let our team know what you need it for and get their expertise on what suits!

Are you able to make posters waterproof?

Absolutely – there are different options like waterproof stocks or laminates that our team can use. Just let us know your application and we’ll suggest the best solution.

What is the turnaround time for poster printing?

Depending on quantity, size and finishes, posters can be produced in as little as a few hours. Let our team know your deadlines and we’ll work with you to do what we can to make it happen!


Let’s chat about how we can make your poster design and printing in Perth a success today! Request a quote or call us on 9223 7788.