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This year’s Emergence Creative Festival saw Scott’s Ben Brennan host a ‘Printology’ workshop at Swings Taphouse, to introduce new techniques and talk print with people from a range of backgrounds.

It is easy to get caught up in what we think we know about the capabilities of print, but this Printology workshop focused on additional techniques – many of which do not cost more but can make your piece far more than just ‘ink on paper’.

As an established artist, Ben was able to combine his creative knowledge to guide attendees through new and traditional techniques.

Ben says, “Printology is about how to create effective communication tools and harmonies between the look and touch of your print pieces. Finding ways to get more from your print project, without breaking the bank.

I believe the success or failure of your print is in the execution of your ideas and not determined by the number of spot colours or the size of your print bill. The key is to know the possibilities, consider the final product throughout your creative process and balance this with time
and budget constraints.”

With such a wide variety of techniques available, it is worth taking the time to find out what is possible. You can really add a point of difference to your projects without necessarily increasing costs. Plus, if you are designing for a client, it will show you are keeping up with the
latest techniques and you will look fabulous to your end client getting better ‘bang for their buck’.

Print is not often considered in the creative process, with embellishments thought of as out-of-reach. There are many more print choices within the marketing mix, so with less clutter and more available to you, your print piece can stand out – getting a far higher ROI than other alternatives.

The trick is to get the user to interact with the printed piece. This can be achieved with the look and touch but there is an opportunity to really get them involved, and do not be afraid to be the first!

We need to keep innovating and challenging ourselves, our clients and our audience.

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