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Bringing this Case Bound Book to life

The Kimberley region of WA is one of the greatest areas of wilderness in the world and although it is three times the size of England, it has only 30,000 inhabitants. It is home to generations of Aboriginal people and their culture resonates throughout the land with elaborate paintings of people, spirits and animals from caves to overhangs and cliff faces. So when Scotts were contacted about this Case Bound Book, we were very excited with the project.

These areas of Australia have some of the best and oldest rock art in the world, but much of it is difficult to access by the wild terrain. From bushwalker to publisher, Mike Donaldson is now sharing this art in a series of high quality books.

With over 20 years spent hiking the Kimberley region as a geologist in mineral exploration, Mike provides an amazing insight into the heritage of the region. He has walked the region’s most remote landscapes and experienced spectacular and ancient rock art.

Over the years Mike has collected an enormous array of imagery and spent years working with a variety of Aboriginal groups to seek permission to reproduce the imagery and use correct terminology, to ultimately bring these remote locations to life on printed paper.  He is bringing to the general public an art gallery that would otherwise be inaccessible.

It has been questioned as to whether the location and photographs of the rock art should be shared with the wider public. Mike has often pondered this but argues that “It’s an unwritten law of bushwalkers that you’re very careful about who you tell about a site. I then began to wonder what the point of doing that was. Why wouldn’t we tell people so they can go and see them? Australians have yet to appreciate the profound importance of indigenous rock art.”

The ancient sites that Mike has explored over his career are being reproduced over a three part series, with the Mitchell Plateau, Wunumbal Gambera country covered in Volume 1. The second volume showcases the beauty of the North Kimberley and the third brings the rivers and ranges of the Kimberley region to the wider public.

Each volume offers some of the Kimberley magic, bringing otherwise inaccessible sites to the general population. Mike notes that “Many traditional owners were delighted to see places and art sites that they were unable to get to or had never visited.”

Boasting 528 pages, the first volume is a substantial document and takes you on an incredible journey with 600 of his prized photos. To get your copy visit

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