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Our Award Winning Quality #weareprettystoked #shamelessselfpromotion

Thanks to you, our loyal customers, the night was a great success for Scotts striking twelve golds and keeping our title as awards champion (as reported).

As our customer, you have helped us to be recognised for our…

  1. Great Team
    These awards are great to showcase our team’s craftsmanship – we were further rewarded with the Gold for the FutureNow Commitment to Workforce Development, recognising our commitment to our team and their development.
  2. Commitment to Award Winning Quality
    Winning 12 Gold, 4 Silver and 10 Bronze is awesome recognition of our huge investment in new technology (with new Komoris and digital suite) and team.
  3. Environmental Excellence
    We always go that step further with doing what we can to help the environment and the Gold for Environmental Excellence is great recognition of this ongoing commitment!
  4. Producing the ‘Best’ Print Job in WA for 2016
    The evening was topped off with Scotts winning the ‘Best of” category for our beautiful VT case bound book.
    We’re here to make you look good!
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