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In October 2012, we had a visit from Victoria McKay, a writer and biographer. Victoria had been tasked with writing a biography for Stan Perron, a very successful Perth businessman, philanthropist and great Australian. It became apparent quite quickly that this project was going to be something special. The book printing had to be ‘precious’. With Scott Print’s guidance,  a project team was assembled. The team included John Emery as the designer and Rob Simeon as photographer. Production planning was always going to be very important on this project. Working with Classic Bookbinders and John Emery, the concept for the book was born. A crushed silk book binding cloth was sourced from Europe. Testing began with different foils and embossing blocks. This level of planning and testing set the standard for the rest of the project. Binding dummies, digital proofs and even press proofs followed.

Eight months later Stan, Victoria, John and Rob were ready to hand the book over to Scott Print for production. The ground work had been done and Scott Print’s highly skilled craftsmen and technicians were ready to raise the bar for quality printing. Victoria made sure there was no deadline pressure  on the printing and binding process. This ensured that as with every other part of this project, the quality of this book would never be compromised. The imagery supplied by Rob Simeon was beautiful, the design was classic, the writing was
impeccable and the quality of printing and binding was something we are all extremely proud of. All of these elements have all come together to do justice to the story of a great Australian, Stan Perron.

Account Manager Ben Brennan states, “‘A Wonderful Life, Stan Perron’ by Victoria McKay, is the most well planned and beautifully executed project I have had the pleasure of working on in all of my 20 years in the printing industry.”

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