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Renowned photographer, Yane Sotiroski chooses Scott’s for his latest production

Last year we had the pleasure of producing Yane’s inaugural piece which has since sold out. So this year he is back to produce another two books, one based on the gorgeous Broome region and the other focusing on the stunning Kimberley Coast. Each is filled from cover to cover with beautiful imagery to make you fall in love with our state.

Yane is able to capture unique imagery as he spends a significant amount of time and effort seeking out the most beautiful landscapes by foot, car, boat and helicopter. What is not uncommon for him, is to spend days on end in the wilderness just waiting for changes in the weather and that perfect lighting to capture natural beauty at its best. It has been said that his passion and enthusiasm coupled with his artistic eye and unwavering patience undoubtedly materialise through every photograph he captures.

Yane says, “As a photographer, people often ask me how I capture such beautiful images. I am able to because Broome provides me with such an amazing canvas to work with, especially in the wet season. This is when Broome comes to life – literally. The intense electrical storms, vivid colours and wild light is just some of the magic that occurs.

If you can’t tell already, I love Broome and the Kimberley. I believe in supporting the local community, that’s why I print all my books and photos in WA. Come to think of it, I believe in family support too. My parents, brother and sister are at home assembling and packing images before the start of each season.

As a local to the area there are a few spots I would recommend. Such as exploring the flying boat wrecks at low tide, witnessing the phenomenon known as the stairway to the moon or watching a movie under the stars at the Sun Pictures – the worlds oldest outdoor picture theatre. I am proud to showcase the town I love and grew up in.”

If you need another reason to go on a holiday to either Broome or the Kimberley Coast or you want to reacquaint yourself with the beauty that is on offer make sure that you get a copy of these stunning pieces.

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