We’ve got over
90 years of experience

Established in 1930 as Service Print, we’ve expanded our suite of services to become Western Australia’s leading premium communications partner.

With the third generation of Scotts at the helm of the business, every year we continue to build on our reputation and track record of quality and innovation by delivering award-winning work for our clients.

A snapshot of Scotts

The beginning, the middle and the now – Scott Print

In the midst of the Great Depression, an optimist launched what would become one of WA’s success stories.

This print dynasty continues to help clients shout their message and get noticed across print and digital.

Now, inching closer to 100 years of continuous operation, here’s a look at how we got here—and where we’ll go next.

1st Gen

Opening on Murray Street in 1930, founder Phon Scott could not have known he launched a print dynasty that would thrive into the 21st century.

As print developed, the Scotts mindset that embraced change and innovation did, too.

In 1959, Mike Scott joined his father, Phon. In 1968, Mike’s brother Dudley came on board, nurturing the foundations of Scott Print.

2nd Gen

Big ideas and bold moves came as Mike and Dudley Scott launched the new and improved “Scott Print”

The company became synonymous with high-quality print across WA.

As their impact on Perth’s business community expanded, so did their investments in the latest technology and techniques.

3rd Gen

Now, with well-earned retirements beckoning Mike and Dudley, the third generation of the Scott Family, John and Tim, continue the legacy of the flourishing business.

Evolving once again due to client demand adding a creative studio, today Scotts offers a full range of graphic design, digital, printing, and large format signage.

Scott Print - Design and Print

Service Print

The beginning

1930 saw the start of Service Printing Co by first generation ‘Scott’ Phon. The factory was at the extreme end of Murray Street in an old shed.

After a year of extremely hard work averaging 16 hours a day, seven days a week, the partners netted a return of 6 pounds a week, which was reinvested back into the company.

history 1930

1959 saw Mike Scott start at Scott Print, and Dudley joined the company in 1968. Service Printing was savaged by a fire in November 1969 – it was then moved to John Street in Northbridge and sold in 1977.


One of the early premises of Service Printing. This old building was in a laneway off King Street Perth, opposite His Majesty’s Theatre. The complete corner, including the bank and laneway which included Kings Place was demolished in the last week of May 1971.

Scott Print

Passing the batton

The brothers’ foray back into printing, after a small break, Scott Print was started by Dudley who purchased a small commercial printer in 1979. Mike joined Dudley and they invested in one Perth’s first four colour presses – they enjoyed a dream run for many years, working silly hours and gradually building a great business as ‘Scott Print’.

history 1979

Moved to the ‘new’ Scotts premises, where we currently reside at 4 Aberdeen Street.

Purchased Art Photos and Engravers – bringing pre-press in-house, a feat unheard of at the time. This really set Scott Print apart from the rest.

Award Winning

WA’s best

Scott Print became the first and only West Australian printer to win four internationally acclaimed ‘Benny Awards’ (the Oscars for print), and continue to be an award winning company.

history 1994

Scott Print led the way with a focus on the environment, becoming the first business accredited to ISO14001 Environmental Management System. We continue this accreditation to this day, along with ISO9001 Quality Management, ISO12647 Colour Proficiency and FSC.


Purchase of three XL105 Heidelberg Offset presses – the first in the Southern Hemisphere.

Scott Print made the move into digital printing – purchasing the first commercial digital device from Xerox.

Third Gen

New Beginning

With Scott Print’s new management came a move from traditional print to offering an extended range of services to encompass graphic design, digital printing, offset printing, and signage.

Historically the business was more about the machinery, with the third generation of Scotts focused more on the service side of print and communications, centered around our people, training, empowering staff, diversity, and environmental excellence.

history 2021

Scotts are proud to have continuously won the Printing Industry’s Environmental Award for many years, taking this to another level was when our commitment was recognised outside of print, winning the Pinnacle Award for Green Business Excellence.

In this category we were up against some of the state’s largest companies – it was a proud moment not only for us but also for the printing industry, recognised outside for print for environmental excellence.

Offset Upgrade

The Overhaul

Purchase of new offset printing press and overhaul of equipment with HUV Komori technology.

This was a big move for the industry, moving from well-known German technology to forward-thinking Japanese equipment. A move that has proved to be a huge success, allowing economical, efficient, high-quality printing to suit the markets’ needs.

history 2013

Purchase of Fineline Print and Copy to bolster our digital print offering.


To enhance our full in-house print solution, we invested heavily in finishing equipment with the purchase of the Osaka saddle stitcher and notch binder.

Digital Overhaul

WA’s largest

10 years after out major move into digital printing, Scotts overhauled our digital print solution – giving us the largest digital offering in WA.

Only a decade ago, the thought of long sheets, digital foil and 400gsm stock seemed unthinkable – now it’s just part of the package.

Over the recent years, the third generation of Scotts have really looked at print as a ‘service’, instead of having the traditional ‘product mentality’ this has led to considerable investment in our high calibre design team, now offering print and non print design for clients across the country.

history 2018

Scotts found news ways of working within the COVID pandemic. We adapted and grew without letting our clients down.

Company Rebrand

The New Look

“Scotts” rebranded to highlight our holistic communications offering. A bit like we dropped “Four Colour” from Scott Four Colour Print back in the day (as printing became more than four colour), we are also so much more than “Scott Print” now.

The rebrand has seen a fresh and modern approach for the brand, and paves a new way forward with the greater range of services and third generation at the helm.

Scott's Team