Choose Scotts, and you choose experience

Scotts is much more than an ordinary print house. We are a leading West Australian owned and operated print and communications group with over 90 years’ experience. Scotts is now managed by John and Tim Scott, the third generation of “Scotts”. Under their management, we’re paving the way for continued success as a dynamic and modern design and printing company.

We offer you a solution that’s second to none

We believe in good old-fashioned hard work. That’s why we’re proud of our well-earned reputation of excellence.

It’s one thing to say we’re the best, it’s another to prove it, and over the decades we’ve proven time and again to offer high quality, award-winning printing that aligns with our international accreditations.

We constantly invest in technology and our people, to ensure that we continue to offer you a solution that is second to none.

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Printers of craft & creative designers

We’re not afraid to stand out from the crowd, and we are here to help from beginning to end of your project (and everything in between). Whether you need design, print, digital solutions and delivery or just a few of our services, we’d be happy to help.

From our dynamic team to our cutting edge technology, we do things differently. High standards, bold attitudes and ideas that leave you thinking: “I wish I’d thought of that”. We strive to deliver solutions that surprise and delight. Solutions that help you do what you do, only better.

graphic creative designers

We aim to make the world a better place

We’re not just here to create beautiful design or inspiring print. We’re constantly evolving, adopting more environmental procedures and resources to reduce our impact.

Sustainability is at the core of what we do, with international environmental accreditations to show for it.


Quality, clarity and happy clients

We won’t compromise on quality
Whether it’s print or creative, you’ll only get our very best because quality matters. That includes the quality of your experience.

Important insight
You’ll be in the loop during every step of your project because communication and transparency are key.

Our goal is to exceed your expectations
We go above and beyond, and that is why we’re proud to have over nine decades of happy clients.