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School Yearbook Designers & Publishers

Are you looking for someone to design and publish your school yearbook? Scotts can help you.

From a student perspective, it is important that they are provided with a lasting memory of an important time in their life, one they will look back on. As a leading school yearbook publisher, we also understand the need to balance content, size and amount of student images, all whilst ensuring that you don’t blow out the page count!

From a school perspective, the school yearbook can be one of your most valuable marketing pieces – it reflects who you are to the wider market. It can also be one of the most difficult projects to bring together, as often it involves getting content from almost every member of staff. The process of pulling this together and meeting the deadlines is a big task, and one that we are experts in helping you manage, from your school yearbook’s design all the way through to publishing.

School yearbooks are one of your most important (and often biggest) publications, so it’s important you partner with someone that can make it a success.

Scotts have produced thousands of school yearbooks – from design, right through to delivery. We know how important it is to exude your school’s reputation, to produce a high-quality end product and to ensure that students receive the finished creation within your required timeframe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum quantity of yearbooks that need to be ordered?

As leading school yearbook publishers, the Scotts team can work with you whether you need 1 or 10,000 yearbooks. Whether they’re just designed and distributed online as an e-book or printed as a take home memory for your students to keep, we’re dedicated to fulfilling every order no matter how big or small.

How long do school yearbooks take to make?

Turnaround times for producing yearbooks vary depending on whether we are just printing or designing too. Other factors like how many and what embellishments you have can also affect turnaround time. Speak to your Account Manager and let them know your timeframe, to see what’s possible!

Is there a cut-off date when ordering yearbooks?

Every project we produce is custom manufactured, and all from our Perth CBD premises. That means there is no cut-off for ordering, and we’ll work with your individual school to meet your deadline and budgetary needs.

What size are the yearbooks printed? Can I have a different size?

Scotts can produce any size yearbook for you – although we find most school yearbooks that are published to be in A4 format. If you want to get creative, we’re here to help!

Can the students supply art or design work to be included within the school yearbook design?

Absolutely – we have a design team that can assist if you want us to design your yearbook, and equally are able to work off a print ready PDF that you provide. If you want your students to get involved, we either need a print ready PDF to print from, or our design team can work the student’s creations into the school yearbook’s design and get it ready for print.

How much does yearbook printing cost?

As each project is custom created, there is no ‘standard pricing’. If you’d like to get an idea on the cost to publish a school yearbook, get in contact and let us know your budget and we can work with you to make it happen.

Do you supply a hard copy school yearbook design for us to review before final printing?

Our team can work with you to either proof your project via electronic PDF or produce a hard copy mockup. Just let your Account Manager know what you need, and they’ll work with you to make it happen.


Chat with us about how we can help streamline your next school yearbook. We can also assist with many other design and print projects, from branding, right through to your school diaries and workbooks. To find out more, get in touch and request a quote or call us on 9223 7788.