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Hard Case or Case Binding as it is also known has been making a steady revival over the last few years. Out of favour because of the high unit cost, advancements in technology have meant that it is now well and truly back on the agenda.

Case binding is the most common method when producing documents that are to be retained for a length of time. It gives substance to the information and is often used for art, history or photography coffee table books. This form of binding is perfect for books that you expect to have high usage and if you are choosing to sell your product, it can significantly increase the retail price.

Driving the revival of this binding format, is both new and old technological advancements. Digital print quality is now at such a high standard that it is difficult to tell the difference between Scott’s digital and offset printing. Utilising this digital technology means that it is now extremely cost and time efficient to produce small quantities of large multiple page documents on many specialty stocks. Couple this with the ancient craft of hand case binding which utilises printed casepapers, beautiful book cloth and even luxurious genuine leather means that a total unique and memorable tender, document, report or keepsake publication is within everyone’s grasp.

Many book publishers are now also looking to not only get a small percentage of their total offset quantity case binding as special limited edition or presentation copies, but to also get digital sample books produced even before the artwork is finalised. The purpose of this is to produce a facsimile copy of the final product that can be used to show prospective buyers or clients how they will look and feel, and to spark interest which will hopefully generate ongoing sales. The feedback that we get from clients has been fantastic, with many having to explain to disbelieving clients and friends that the sample is not the final finished product, only a mockup!

Scott’s can offer many different and exciting options in terms of the style of the binding and an endless array of materials are available. Options range from a printed cover that is gloss or matt laminated, to a cloth or leather. Additionally, a dust jacket may also be produced that gives added durability and an area for further information to be displayed.

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