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HUV inks & the environment

Does the environment matter to you? It does to us, and that’s why we consider it in every decision we make.

Being an environmentally conscious printer takes far more than just printing on recycled or plantation sourced paper; every part of our company from the electricity we use, to our inks and recycling of waste is designed to minimise our impact on the environment. So when you print with us, you know you’re printing in a sustainable manner.

The new Komori presses at Scott Print are no exception, they allow us to offer cutting edge technology, in a sustainable manner. The core of this technology is the HUV curing system, which is a unique alignment between ink and energy to optimise performance.

A single HUV lamp can cure up to 400% ink coverage plus coating at maximum press speed – reducing energy required for curing, lowering heat output, and omitting no ozone or odours, making the environment more enjoyable for staff. This technology allows your printed sheets to be immediately dry (even uncoated stocks) and also provides an unrivalled premium inline gloss finish – both of which until now have not been possible.

HUV vs UV inks

UV inks have traditionally been frowned upon for their negative environmental impact. However HUV now gives the performance benefits of UV inks, without the drawbacks (such as the generation of heat and ozone and high energy consumption). HUV involves a new type of ink that dries upon exposure to a limited range of light, using fewer lamps and less energy than conventional UV.

Like UV inks, HUV gives dramatic, vibrant colour on uncoated, gloss and matt stocks and dries quicker than oil-based inks. However, the HUV printing system is different from traditional UV printing as no ozone is emitted, it is Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) free and emits 75% less CO2, which lowers our carbon footprint and allows our team to work in a clean and environmentally neutral environment.

HUV inks no longer require spray powder which eliminates some common printing issues. This makes the post-print process easier and means the material can now be de-inked, unlike traditional UV alternatives. Verdict – HUV gives the benefits of UV inks (such as better print quality and quicker turnarounds due to no drying time required) but without the environmentally damaging drawbacks – a perfect way for Scott Print to balance quality print production with environmental sustainability.

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