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Yesterday Scotts had our ISO12647-2 Colour Proficiency audit, the standard in ensuring colour consistency. We are proud to have again be re-certified, with glowing reviews from the auditor:

“You are maintaining a very high level colour quality management system and your results are second to none. The colour consistency and colour quality from your Komori presses is a tribute to the technology, but more importantly a tribute to yourself and your team of hard working printers. Well done!”


This accreditation reflects the appointment of a ‘Colour Champion’ and a colour QA team focused on creating a culture of continuous improvement through the measurement and analysis of colour. Scotts use printing equipment and consumables combinations that have been optimised to meet the targets and tolerances of the ISO12647 Specification – plus the demanding grey balance appearance targets of the Mellow Colour Quality System. Our colour measurement instruments are regularly calibrated and certified by the manufacturer, and we are visited every six months by a Mellow Colour specialist for revision training and review. In other words these we put a lot of resources into producing consistent standardised colour appearance conforming to the ISO12647 Specification.

A minimum Audit score of 70% for the Mellow Colour QMS is required for entry onto the Proficient Printer Register.


For more information on ISO12647 and Scott’s other accreditations click here.


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