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Not just another offset print press…

New machines, they’re all the same right? Not anymore – by us investing in new offset print machines, you are getting the highest quality and most efficient solution (a bit like driving that speccy new Audi instead of its 10 year old predecessor). Scotts are now offering you technology that is unrivalled in the State, with complete upgrade of offset print presses to new Komori technology.

There are two main benefits for you. Firstly, your printed sheets come off dry (even uncoated stocks) which means no drying time. Secondly, we can now offer a unique finish which is a more economical alternative to Spot UV, so you can take your next project to another level without such a huge price tag. The ‘Spot Drip Off UV’ is completed inline and gives a far superior finish to its ‘Drip Off’ predecessor. Being inline not only means the process is cheaper and quicker than traditional UV, but we are also finding registration is far more accurate.

This offset print investment complements our existing digital suite (including both Indigo and Xerox technology).

To get more information on how Scott’s Offset Print Presses can benefit you, check this out!

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