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Perth’s Most Environmentally Friendly Printer

Scott’s are Perth’s most environmentally friendly printer, offering printing to the highest Environmental (ISO14001 / Sustainable Green Print / Level 3 Green Stamp), Quality (ISO9001) and Colour (ISO12647-2) standards. Additionally, we have also recently received FSC certification and Sustainable Green Print certification (national program similar to Green Stamp). This now means that we offer you printing to world class standards.

FSC is a chain of custody program that essentially follows the process of production from forest to completion.

The program documents the path taken by raw materials, from the forest to the consumer, including all stages of processing, transformation, manufacturing and distribution.

The basic premise behind the FSC logo is to provide a guarantee that the product comes from responsible sources – this is in terms of environmental sustainability, being socially beneficial and economically viable.

The tracking system means that any product with the FSC logo will have an identifiable code which can be followed back through the manufacturing process.

To be certified to FSC standards, it is essential that we adhere to the FSC Principles & Criteria which describe the essential elements or rules of environmentally appropriate behaviours, socially beneficial and economically viable forest management.

To show your stakeholders that you have chosen a printer that is certified to FSC standards, you are able to place the logo on your project.

Keep in mind that the process does take up to 48 hours for approval so make sure that you get your artwork through for the page featuring the FSC logo prior to production to ensure that you do not hold up prepress.

For further information about FSC, using the logo on your next project and how we are Perth’s most environmentally friendly printer, please speak with your Scott’s representative.

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